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When you delegate your writing task to us, you never relinquish creative control over your work product. On the contrary, your input is of vital significance to us, and we value your every idea and word. By hiring GMG, you ensure that your product is in the hands of an ally—someone who will be there for you throughout the process. Ego has no place in the collaborative undertaking. It’s all about YOU. 


Your journey through the Universe of Words will be easier, more pleasant, and productive when you hire an experienced ghostwriter.

GMG Ghostwriting Services Has Established A Global Reputation For Excellence, Integrity, Efficiency, And Personalized Attention

We Believe In Individual Expression, Inspiring Messages, and The People Who Give Life To First Amendment Free Speech Rights With                 Compassion and Authenticity

About GMG Ghostwriting Services

Our company is committed to excellence in every undertaking—large or small. We believe in the inherent value of well-intentioned belief systems and their highest expression. We don’t accept every request simply for the sake of business concerns. Rather, through in-depth conversation and deliberation, we evaluate and discern whether a given project will be “a good fit.” There is room for everyone in the world, and we operate on a premise of fairness and impartiality—entirely judgment-free.

The essence of our involvement in a given project is to manifest the author’s intent in the best light. To that end, we subordinate personal predilections to those of our authors, taking care to represent their goals and messages with precision and heart. The process is pleasant, struggle-free, and expeditious, grounded in open, measured dialogue.

We work with a contract to ensure that the process works seamlessly while protecting the rights of the parties involved.

Our rates are moderate and payment installments are available, due up front prior to the commencement of work. 

Writing collaboration is the process by and through which a writing takes shape on another’s behalf. The process involves mutual respect, trust, and regard, and is accomplished seamlessly and in egoless fashion on the part of the writer. The ultimate goal is to produce a composition that will reflect the author’s ideas, intent, and style, communicating his or her message with feeling, authenticity, conviction, and HEART.

The Process

The Process

Commit To Or Generate An Idea

Have a clear (or somewhat discernible) vision of what you wish to write. Your ideas don't have to be carefully outlined or prepared before signing on, but it is best not to "go in cold," without any idea at all.

Author: "I want to write a book."
Writer: "What is your subject matter?"
Author: "I don't know, but there's a book in me somewhere."

Have a goal in mind, present it to your ghost, and see the dream take shape before your eyes.

Be Tenacious—Stick To Your Plan

Everyone knows that life sometimes gets in the way of living, but if you sign on to write a book, you must not only be mindful of your time, but the writer's, as well. It's best not to begin a project if the likelihood of finishing is either dubious or very far off in the future. To begin a writing project, you must be willing to commit to the collaboration and follow through to its conclusion (barring unforeseen or mitigating circumstances beyond your control).

Organization and Feedback

As part of the collaborative process, the author and writer must keep track of exchanged documents and store them carefully, in the event of file loss or corruption.
And It is especially crucial for the author to provide feedback, subsequent to each submission by the writer. The author is the prime mover of the collaborative process, and without that input, the writer exists in a vacuum and is left to create a product of her own creation. An open dialogue and conceptualization therefore, are essential components of the author's ongoing creative control.

Freely Pose Questions

At the outset and throughout the collaborative process, the author must feel entirely at ease with posing questions. Virtually no question is insignificant or trivial. Knowledge is power, and equipped with that lifeline, you and your writing collaborator can achieve your slated objective much more readily. Therefore, never hesitate to ask.

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Typically, the turnaround time for completion of a book is 3-5 months, but depends on many factors, including the frequency of author-writer communications and their respective schedules. Smaller projects are completed expeditiously, and the turnaround time is contingent on the task’s complexity. 

There are just two steps:

(1) Review and sign our Agreement ( please feel free to pose questions beforehand), and

(2) Remit payment

The easiest methods are via credit card or personal check. All payments made via credit card are done through a secure server. Payment is made in up front installents per 50 pages of a book manuscript or up front in full for smaller projects.

Yes. As the author, you have sole copyright ownership, unless otherwise specified. 

Acknowledgement of the writing collaborator is entirely within the author’s discretion. Mention is not required, though greatly appreciated.

The very purpose of writing collaboration is to avert struggle. If, however, you will benefit from setting your thoughts to paper preliminarily, you can. It’s all up to you and your comfort level.

Definitely. You can rest assured that your materials will be protected  for the life of the project up until publication or other specified occurrences. The author’s privacy is of the essence.

No, we only accept a flat fee for our services. We do not work for royalties or contingency fees. However, if the author, in his or her discretion, wishes to render a percentage of royalties, separate from the up front flat fees, the offer will be gratefully considered.

Clients Speak Their Truth

Prices will vary, depending on the length and complexity of each task. Please call for details.

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